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Etron Announces October 2007 Sales Report

Etron Announces October 2007 Sales Report
November 6, 2007

Etron Technology (GTSM: 5351) today announced that its net sales for October 2007 achieved NT$1,301 million (US$40 million), hitting a historical record high. The October sales increased by 1.2% from NT$1,286 million (US$39 million) for September 2007 and were up 12.8% from NT$1,154 million (US$35 million) for October 2006.

Accumulated revenues from January through October of this year totaled NT$11,082 million (US$337 million), also the highest in history. The accumulated revenues rose 32.1% from NT$8,389 million (US$258 million) for the same period of last year.