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Corporate Social Responsibility

Etron Technology, Inc. management team recognizes that compliance with the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct is the basic condition for a responsible company and the dedication of its efforts. Besides profitability, the company should pursue the principle of “Utilize whatever you take from the society and contribute back to the society”, and extend the influence over stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, the public and the government to meet their expectations.

Etron Technology, Inc. is committed to comply with national labor laws, international regulations on labor, ethics, health & safety, and environmental standards, and strive to continuously improve working conditions and labor benefits. Moreover, all personnel shall adhere to the social responsibility and ethics policies and extend the core set of requirements to suppliers.

Conflict Minerals Policy Make clear statement to supplier / subcontractor for not supporting or using products and materials containing Conflict Minerals, mined in armed conflict, illegal mining or human rights abuses conditions.
Green Products To ensure compliance with international environmental protection regulations (RoHS, REACH…), preventing environment pollution and endangerment to human health for Etron’s products, including discrete memory ICs, Known-Good-Die memory and system ICs, Etron forms a cross-functional Hazardous Substance Management team to properly control product-related design, procurement, manufacturing and sales operations.  The environmental protection requirements have been extended to Etron’s suppliers and subcontractors to team up to provide hazard-free green products to satisfy our valuable customers. * Etron has been qualified for Sony Green Partner (#FC008789) since 2003

Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

To save energy, reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, Etron adopts and implements multiple strategies, such as plastic waste sorting, control of sanitary consumables, improvement of water flow of Ice-Storage Air Conditioning System, reduction of disposable tableware and paper cups, setting cooling tower water temperature and air condition temperature limits, installing motion sensing lights with regular patrol, optimizing electric power factor, using rechargeable batteries (over 90%), encouraging employees taking campus shuttle buses, utilizing LED tubes, variable speed drive equipments and heat spreader. It is expected to meet our goal to reduce 1% carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions annually in the next three years.

Supplier / Subcontractor Management

Etron implements the following Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) related management measures throughout the supplier chain to enable sustainable development and promote corporate social responsibility:

  1. Request suppliers and subcontractors to sign ESH-related declarations, such as “Responsibility Statement of Code of Conduct – Responsible Business Alliance”, “Declaration of Environmental Protection” and “Declaration of Non-Use of Conflict Minerals Policy”, to ensure compliance.
  2. To promote green procurement policy, suppliers and subcontractors shall have IECQ QC080000 or Sony Green Partner certification, sign “Declaration of Environmental Protection” and provide BOM RoHS ICP report from 3rd party lab. for Etron verification before being listed in Approved Vendor List.
  3. Request suppliers and subcontractors to establish ESH management system and fan out Etron’s RoHS request to the sub-tier suppliers for proper management.
  4. Conduct periodic labor/morality/ESH internal and external audits to ensure effectiveness of the management system.

To report a violation of the ESH policy or Employee Code of Conduct, please contact us at

Corporate Social Responsibility

Etron is Committed to Social and Environmental Responsibilities

Etron Technology is committed to ensuring that working conditions in its supply chain are safe, that workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that business operation are environmentally responsible and conducted ethically. In reflection of this commitment, Etron Technology fully supports Responsible Business Alliance, RBA Code of Conduct and adopts the approach and tools in practical ways:


The company upholds the highest integrity standards on all of its business activities, including intellectual property protection, appropriate information disclosure, and prohibition of improper advantage.


Etron is committed to protect employees’ human rights and create environments where workers are treated with respect and dignity. The company offers various employee benefits, including matching funds and employee share ownership plans. Etron has also set up the Employee Welfare Committee that organizes recreational activities to enhance employees’ physical and mental health.

Health and Safety

By adopting effective methods, technologies, and equipment, the company makes the best efforts to build safe and healthy environments, prevent occupational injury and illness from happening, enhance employees’ morale and health, and strengthen the company’s product quality and service standard. Efforts include setting management objectives for regular examinations and continuous improvements, producing standard procedures for emergency circumstances, conducting first aid and emergency drills, and providing health checks and educational programs on safety and health for employees.


Etron is committed to comply with environmental regulations and meet environmental demands by customers. We are dedicated to provide power-saving products with environmentally conscious designs. Materials with a potential to pose threats to the environment are required be appropriately identified, monitored, and handled in accordance with legal regulations before they are released. The company is also committed to reduce energy consumption, prevent pollutions, build recycling systems, and continually communicate with employees, suppliers, and the public on the company’s policy and commitment to the environment, safety and health (ESH) management.

Management System

Through an effective operation of the company’s management system, Etron ensures itself to meet relevant legal regulations and customer demands, and to continuously improve in all aspects of the system.


Participate in various social and public welfare activities by the government and the society, incorporate the social responsibility policy into various aspects of the company’s operations, and continually share and promote relevant knowledge and experiences to Etron’s suppliers and business partners.


More information on our commitment to the social and environmental responsibilities:

Environment, Safety and Health (ESH) Policy Employee Benefits Conflict Minerals Delivery of messages clearly to suppliers and the outsourcing partners that we will not support the use, so-called “Conflict Minerals”, of metal originated from the armed conflict, illegal mining, and inferior working environment.

Download our Corporate Social Responsibility (企業社會責任_中英文) Documentation

To report a violation of the ESH policy or Employee Code of Conduct, please contact us at